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sporthoch2 - what we perform

We love what we do - and like in your life, we are euphoric about each of our projects with know-how, empathy, passion and a lot of attention to detail. Promised! We are the team of

sporthoch2 - official outfitter for real heroes -

We want to tailor the perfect sportswear for every athlete, which accompanies them with fun to top performance and success.
We want to make life and everyday life easier for every patient with innovative and high-quality products.
We would like to offer some support to everyone who is exemplary for others and practices charity.

We rely on the highest quality in our own production and in our conscious and sustainable value creation.
Design, development, cut, as well as processing techniques, fabrics and ingredients are our highest competence.

Have fun with our products!
our own brands: sporthoch2 - official outfitter for real sports heroes -, UBvaulting - your number 1 in vaulting -.
exclusive licensed brands: STAUTZ - the original REHApants-
We are partners and sponsors of the ICWW (Indoor Cycling World Wide) and the Barber Angels Brotherhood e.V. with our BAB Collection by sporthoch2.

New Products

Our Vision
Founding of the company as a sole proprietorship atelier for competition clothing in Rangendingen, Hechingen district (Baden-Württemberg)
First address for special vaulting suits
11/14/2002 Protection of the vaulting brand Ute Bächer through registration with the German Patent and Trademark Office
Relocation to the current company headquarters in 72336 Balingen - at the foot of the Swabian Alb - (Baden-Württemberg)
2008 Launch of the e-shop
07/01/2015 25-year company anniversary
01/01/2017 Protection of the sports brand sporthoch2 through registration with the German Patent and Trademark Office
Change of ownership of the company and its employees. New owner Tobias Wagenblast - company name is sporthoch2 - a manufacturer of sportswear - the Ute Bächer brand is competently continued in vaulting. The sporthoch2 brand is presented and introduced into other sports.
04/15/2017 Entry in the commercial register for sporthoch2 e.k.

Launch of the e-shop and the sporthoch2 collection - outfits for true sports heroes - at the same time as the exhibition stand at the international German Gymnastics Festival in Berlin
2017 New brand identity with a redesigned logo of the Ute Bächer brand - UB vaulting - international, contemporary, future-oriented
2017 Facelift of the e-shop - more modern range, user-friendly, fully responsive
2018 The brand ambassador of sporthoch2 in indoor cycling is the internationally experienced and reigning European champion in individual art cycling, Viola Brand
2018 Fundamental facelift of the e-shop - more service, new offers, more customer-friendly
KEY PLAYER for vaulting / indoor cycling / training, fitness, YOGA and any acrobatic sport - with presence at the most important sport EVENTS
2018 Conclusion of the cooperation agreement with the ICWW Indoor Cycling worldwide - to promote indoor cycling -
2018 Takeover of the manufacture and marketing of the STAUTZ-REHApants brand - the original - under license
2018 Relocation to Rohrlochstrasse 10 in Balingen, formerly STAUTZ Strickwarenfabrik GmbH
2019 Production of everyday masks for the region and Germany in the wake of the corona pandemic
2021 Support of the mission of the BARBER ANGELS Brotherhood e.V. through a license agreement and launch of a collection
2021 Sponsoring the UCI Artistic World Cup in Albstadt, Germany